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The MSIRI Training Centre is a registered training provider since 2000.Its qualified staff have been lecturing and conducting practical sessions since its inception.Trainees are Professionals/Technicians from local and international Institutions and Organisations


The MSIRI Training Centre offers the following courses in English and French which are MQA approved:


Course Title (English)
Course Title (French)
Sugar Technology Technologie Sucrière
Geographical Information Systems Systèmes d'Information Géographique  (SIG) Ms Maryze CHUNG TZE CHEONG
Agricultural Chemistry Chimie Agricole Mr Gunshiam Umrit
Cane Breeding and Physiology Amélioration variétale de la canne à sucre et Physiologie Végétale Dr Mohammad Goolam Houssen BADALOO
Biotechnology Biotechnologie Dr Asha DOOKUN-SAUMTALLY
Cultural Operations and Weed Agronomy Pratiques Culturales et Malherbologie Dr Sumantlall SEERUTTUN
Entomology Entomologie Dr Seelavarn GANESHAN
Agricultural Extension and Communication Vulgarisation Agricole et Communication Dr Kessava PAYANDIPILLAY
Mechanization of farming operations Mécanisation des Opérations aux champs Mr Vivian RIVIERE
Plant Pathology Pathologie végétale Dr Salem SAUMTALLY
Irrigation Techniques Techniques de l'Irrigation Dr Ronald NG CHEONG



Manager: Dr S Saumtally

Programme officer: Dr K Payandipillay


MSIRI, Royal Road

Reduit, Mauritius

Telephone Number: (230) 454 1061 

Fax No: (230) 454 1971

Email: contact@msiri.mu